Telly Pulse is an online panel that enables people to express their opinion for different subjects through surveys sent to Telly Pulse members.

You must agree to the following terms and conditions when you register as a member for Telly Pulse “the Panel”.

In order to ensure that the Panel is representative and to enable statistical analysis, we ask prospective members a number of basic questions about demography, media habits etc. The member consents to the Panel storing this basic data in a database which will be treated as confidential and handled in accordance with Data Protection Laws.

The member must live in India. A member can only have one Panel membership; if a member is found to have registered him/herself several times, the Panel is entitled to deregister the additional accounts. More than one family member can join the Panel, but a survey can only be completed by one member on the same computer, unless specific rules apply to the survey concerned.

The Panel reserves the right to remove members from the panel database. A member may be removed from the Panel if he or she is inactive for a long period of time or if he or she significantly abuses his or her membership of the Panel. A member may also be removed if he or she no longer falls within the scope of the Panel. If a member is removed, any credit he or she has earned cannot be recovered. The Panel also reserves the right to inactivate a member who has not completed a survey for 12 months. If a member is rendered inactive, any credit he or she has accumulated cannot be paid out. If the member wishes to be reinstated, he or she must contact the Panel and ask for his or her account to be re-activated. If the member takes part in a new survey, his or her status will be re-activated and any credit he or she has earned will be available for payment.

The member will always be notified of the payment involved and the length of a survey. The amount payable will be based on the length of the survey. If the Panel deems a member’s responses to a survey to be inaccurate, the Panel is entitled to deregister any points earned for the survey in question. An example of providing inaccurate information would be answering a different gender or year of birth in a survey than you did state when registering to Telly Pulse, or completing a survey too quickly.

Payment can be made to the member using the payment options listed on the incentive section of the website. Payment can only be made when the member’s total credit amounts to or exceeds a certain amount, as stated in the member’s personal panel account. The payment threshold may be changed, as can the payment amounts and payment options.

The Panel cannot be held liable for any credit that the member has earned once it has been correctly transferred to the selected payment option or for payments which cannot be made because the details specified in the panel account are incorrect. In the case of some payment options, a transaction charge may be deducted from the member’s points.

Members can ask to leave the Panel at any time. If a member asks to leave the Panel without taking the credit that he or she has earned, that credit cannot be recovered.

These terms and conditions are subject to India law and to the jurisdiction of an Indian court.

Please check back as these terms are subject to change.